A holistic benefits platform

With an array of solutions for well-being programs, pre-tax benefits, and performance rewards, ThrivePass helps employees thrive so that your organization does, too.

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    TPA services

    Help employees make the most out of each paycheck with flexible benefits for healthcare, commuting, and tuition, among others.

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    Foster a culture of health with a bounty of well-being options.

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    Manage your learning and development program without the fuss.

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In ThrivePass We Trust

Praise from a few of our recent customers

“Offers individuality in the benefits/wellness corporate world. It is as close as you can get to making everyone happy.”

Emily Clark
Cardinal Group

“My experience was great. I submitted all my paperwork and was reimbursed within 72 hours, the fastest process I've ever dealt with!"

Tammy Pimenta

“Since implementing this program, we have received nothing but positive feedback from our employees. It has also made my job as the administrator of this program much easier."

Christina Mills
Alliant Credit Union

“The employees love this benefit that is provided and it has create a focus on well-being within the company. Without this, our employees would be less incentivized to focus on their wellness and health."

Luke Heneke
Amplio Digital

“I love the all of the wellness options, and that I have 'fun-money' every month to do things to take care of myself. Been using the service for about a year, would strongly recommend."

Shaw Lathrop

“ThrivePass has been very easy to use for our employees and has motivated them to be more active. We like the variety of the Marketplace and the face that ThrivePass is constantly looking for new and innovative ideas to add to the Marketplace."

Julie Chelar
Carmel Partners

“ThrivePass was extremely easy to use. I needed to sign up for a gym and it was quick and painless. The dashboard is easy to navigate and is very user friendly. It is sophisticated enough regarding the information it contains, but easy enough to find what you are looking for quickly."

Jennifer Bogema

“ThrivePass has been an excellent benefit add for our team."

Robert Seggelke

“ThrivePass is easy to use and their customer service is unlike anything I've experienced!"

Shane Romero
Driver Group

“ThrivePass allows the employees to track their own wellness. It is more accurate with real time achievements than the odd spreadsheet we were using!"

Jodie Nieman
Lohmiller & Company

“Software is easy to use, simple process, clear instructions with not too many options to confuse the user and the APP is helpful for those who want options for viewing their account."

Michele Fishman
PEAK Resources

“I love the variety of wellness options so that there is something for everyone. Also, the ThrivePass team is the best."

Brittany Kloss

“ThrivePass helped me get a cheaper membership rate to my 24 hour gym membership and they have a wonderful customer support group. Highly recommend using them."

Tim Peka

“Great customer service! They got back to me immediately with a more than satisfactory solution to my problem, and were really clear with instructions."

Allie LaPorte
Young's Market

“ThrivePass has been so fun to use, it has been a great motivational tool to get out there and start working out and promoting a much better healthy lifestyle."

Marcus Fortugno
Young's Market

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Connect to popular apps that streamline your organization’s well-being and pre-tax programs. No need for another password: employees can sign in with their work credentials.

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