Wellness Savings Account.

Remove the hassles with your wellness program and allow employees to choose the benefits most meaningful to them.

What is a Wellness Savings Account?

A subsidized account provided to each employee, allowing them to spend on discounted wellness activities and services through the ThrivePass marketplace. Wellness resonates differently with everyone, so we make it easy for your employees to choose the perks most meaningful to them.

Benefits, with benefits.

Subsidy Disbursement.

Distribute funds monthly, annually, or require check-ins to earn funds.


Ease the administrative burden with ThrivePass’ turn-key solution.

Marketplace & Discounts.

Employee access to discounted wellness services and products.


Customize the offerings to define wellness to your company’s standard.


Automated services for employees who purchase outside of the marketplace.


Maximize an employee’s ability to use their company-provided funds.

Monthly Data Reports.

Receive regular updates on when and where employees spend their funds.


Analyze your organization’s engagement trends for program optimization.

Technology driving simplicity.

HRIS & Sign-On Integrations

We integrate with most major HRIS providers and utilize this data to pull real-time data in order to determine employee eligibility and always keep your company’s information up to date.

Program Customization

We’ll design a benefit program to align with your company’s objectives. Whether that’s clinical health, physical fitness, community involvement, ThrivePass will support your needs.

Training & Dedicated Support

Every client is paired with a reliable account manager to assist at the corporate level, as well as our customer success team who provides personalized support for each employee.

Some of our marketplace partners:

Wellness Savings Account

Some of our marketplace partners:

Wellness Savings Account

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