Wellness Savings Account

Offer employees a stipend for well-being products and services. We'll handle the rest.


Well-being Consulting

True engagement comes when people feel good and have a sense of purpose. That's why ThrivePass focuses on the whole person and the whole company, with tools and programs to support both. Drawing on its field-tested methodology, ThrivePass consults with clients looking to develop new well-being programs or revitalize existing programs on the wane.

Fully customized

No two well-being programs are alike. Neither is our approach. Consultations involve customizing a program aligned with each organization’s unique culture and goals.

The result is a well-being program with higher engagement and lower administrative overhead.


Before implementing any program, ThrivePass gauges employee interests and surfaces insights about the client organization’s culture.

This research produces an overview of the state of well-being at the client organization—where it’s been, where it is, and where it could be.


A successful well-being program is much more than a bundle of perks and incentives.

It involves creating a culture oriented towards the whole person—seeing employees as people—which not only only stimulates their performance but entices them to stick around.

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    Drive down the cost of healthcare with incentives that nurture positive habits of mind and body.

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    ThrivePass can manage a well-being program on behalf of any client or train client staff to run it themselves.

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    Aside from consulting, natural compliments to ThrivePass Engage are on-side workshops and life coaching. ThrivePass offers both.

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    Transparency is part and parcel of well-being. ThrivePass lays out the cost of its services and furnishes clients with timetables and deliverables to make it worthwhile.

ThrivePass Engage

Schedule activities and events that resonate with your organization's vision. Reward employees for participating.

How it works

Engage enables you to track employee participation in activities and events organized in your well-being program. By completing an activity or attending an event, employees receive incentives redeemable in the ThrivePass marketplace.

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    Everything under one roof

    Employees can enroll in activities, sign up for events, and reap the rewards in the Engage portal. With ThrivePass's flexible API, they can also view data merged from insurance providers, third-party administrators, and HR representatives.

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    Once you create an activity or schedule an event, our platform will track participation. Give incentives automatically or by requesting a response from each participant.

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    Rewards, all sorts

    An incentive can be a gift card, a paid-for experience, money deposited in an employee's WSA, or points to spend in the marketplace.

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    Bespoke programming

    Enhance the activities your employees love or design a new program catered to their tastes and your standards. We'll guide you every step of the way.

Ready to start a well-being program or take an existing one to the next level?

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