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Expand Your Clientele

ThrivePass features local gyms and studios on our wellness platform, which helps vendors to expand their customer base and lower acquisition costs. Our database includes all wellness, which clients can filter by price, location, or activity type.

In addition to working with local vendors, ThrivePass develops relationships with large-scale corporations to build a wellness program that works. Our corporate partners offer their employees a wellness stipend, which can be spent at any vendor location. Our main goal is to offer an affordable, varied wellness program that corporate employees will actually use.

Grow your business seamlessly with ThrivePass!

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Low Cost & No Risk

Through ThrivePass, vendors gain free exposure on our list of vetted, highly-rated wellness locations. ThrivePass helps vendors grow their business and find new customers through an entirely automated system. Individual purchases are conducted entirely through ThrivePass, meaning vendors receive increased revenues for the same amount of work.

  • Increase your potential client base.
  • It’s all automated. We take care everything you need.
  • We have powerful analytics at your disposal.

Gain More For Less

Working with ThrivePass is easy and rewarding. Our automated system easily facilitates the purchase process between customer and vendor, and all vendors receive regular data and insights into their business to help them grow more effectively.

A partnership with ThrivePass allows vendors to grow business without sacrificing time.

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